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LVX Token is the Ultimate Game-Changer that will Completely Open the Derivatives Market!

LVX Token is the Ultimate Game-Changer that will Completely Open the Derivatives Market!
The crash happened. Not once, not twice, but certainly more than thrice. It is as thrilling as it is uncertain. It is Bitcoin and Morgan Stanley said it is behaving a lot like how Nasdaq did in the dot-com bubble but 15 times faster.
Investors with high-risk appetite love Bitcoin’s speculative trading patterns because it comes with juicy high-yield returns. Having said that, there are not many high-risk investors in the global investment market because the bulk of the population consists of many other types of investors who do not find Bitcoin an attractive investment for their portfolios. They label Bitcoin as “a volatile store of value” and veer away for safety.
Being the first cryptocurrency to emerge from Blockchain technology, Bitcoin forged the perception of price-instability, risk and volatility. But eight years have since passed and the more recent BlockChain technologies like Ethereum emerged with multiple platforms that innovate and disrupt many industries. These platforms shift the focus away from cryptocurrencies as financial tools and move it more toward a utilitarian purpose that promises to be stable enough for everyday use, yet lucrative enough as an investment vehicle.
This is huge because the demand for a stable coin or token can easily surpass the demand for volatile cryptocurrency. If a coin or token demonstrates the ability to be as stable as say the US Dollar, people would be comfortable to buy, sell or invest with it daily. When that happens, the masses would become active users of the platform, and this creates a robust, vibrant and fundamentally solid digital economy that could grow big enough to rival any given country’s GDP growth.
LVX: DESIGNED FOR LONG TERM GROWTH The LVX token is a great example of a price-stable coin. It is a native token on Level01, the World’s First Brokerless Derivatives Exchange in Partnership with Thomson Reuters. The LVX token is designed to be a universal asset currency on the platform as it can be used to trade all kinds of derivatives like crypto currencies, commodities, forex and stocks; it can also be converted to Bitcoin or Ethereum, which can then be converted to any fiat currency like USD, RMB and EUD. The founders of Level01 employ smart tokenomics and platform design to drive sustainable long-term growth and efficiency. In simple layman terms, this means this digital ecosystem and its native currency are built to last forever. How is this possible?
Well, are several measures in place:
THE CAP The Cap is a gatekeeper to retaining token value in a healthy digital economy. It is counterproductive to have unlimited tokens because investors are not incentivized to purchase in the short term. Level01’s ICO (Initial Coin Offering) issued its native LVX tokens with the total supply capped at 1,200,000,000 (1.2 Billion) tokens. The sheer size of the issued tokens is large enough to invite global user participation, while the finite amount helps creates scarcity and incentives for people to purchase the tokens immediately. For those doubting, the derivatives market is worth 1.2 quadrillion according to Investopedia, thus our LVX token quantity is actually small and will go up and demand increases.
THE VALUE AND LIQUIDITY Money is a trustworthy unit of account, and store of value with tremendous liquidity. The LVX token meets the very same criteria by virtue of being an ERC20 token on the Ethereum. These tokens enable transparent and fair settlement, because transactions are handled by smart contracts that programmatically disburse returns to trade winners.
To strengthen liquidity and value, the LVX token will be registered on prominent cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide, and be made available for actual trading and exchange with other cryptocurrencies and commodities.
THE WHALES ARE KEPT AWAY Imagine sitting on a seesaw with a whale. There is just no way, you’re going to enjoy the ride because the whale dominates with his weight. The founders of Level01 understand this basic principle and recognize that the true value of the token crowd-sale manifests in its early contributors and diverse community. Every effort is then made to ensure the token sales are distributed to many investors, rather than allowing the concentration of the platform tokens in the hands of single large investors or groups, also known as ‘whales’.
THERE IS TOKEN UTILITY Beyond the promise of a stable trading environment, Level01 rewards early adopters of the token through incentivized staking. LVX tokens can be ‘staked’ by investors to host trading rooms where group-trading events are held, and investors can earn traderoom-hosting commissions. The staked tokens are reimbursed through smart contracts after a staking duration.
Investors are free to use tokens to organize tournaments in daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly intervals. Tournament host organizers then earn a percentage of tournament fees raised during the event.
These mechanisms encourage investor participation to occur organically at a rate that benefits everyone on the Level01 platform.
THERE IS TRANSPARENCY Level01 investors are privy to transparent market data verified by Thomson Reuters. Historical and real-time data from a credible source empowers investors to make their own financial decisions. On top of that, LVX tokens provide the means to transparent and fair settlement on the Blockchain because it is handled by smart contracts that are programmatically disbursed to trade winners, as trading profits.
These measures secure LVX’s price-stability and make it a viable token or coin for investment. As more users or investors come on board Level01, the global investment market will witness the full potential of a Brokerless Derivatives Exchange.
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